How to postpone your period during the holiday season before


How to postpone your period during the holiday season before going on a trip (pregnancy medicine)


There are a lot of people who want to go on a trip, especially a honeymoon, or a wedding I took the time to travel to a hot country. It’s sad that I can’t swim and do many fun things because my period started So there are people who come to the hospital before they travel and want to get a prescription for delaying their period So it’s best if you come out to the hospital and get your meds prescribed, but if you can’t, it’s best If you really don’t want to go to the hospital, you can get your period after 4 years. So I’ll explain

First, the principle of menstruation is that when hormones go back and forth and your hormone levels go down, you start regenerating. But if you take contraceptives, you keep supplying the ones that you don’t menstruate from the outside. So, if you don’t, you keep your period So, there is a cycle that I want to achieve my period There are times when you can predict the start date of your period, right?

If you take it two weeks before the 9th day of your period, you can safely postpone it The pharmacy usually says it’s not too much if you take it a week in advance There’s a bit of a bit of a difference There are people who are sensitive to hormones, and there are people who don’t have enough, so there are times when you eat it a week before it gets pushed back

If you want to postpone it for sure, I recommend that you start taking it two weeks before. Eat it like this and maintain it You can start taking it two weeks ago and take it until you can take it until you can take it until you have your period So when I stop taking medicine after traveling, I start my period again two or three days after I stop taking it

You can postpone your period like that. But there are people who have irregular behavior, people who are sensitive to hormones, and people who are very sensitive to contraceptives There are people who take medicine and get irregular bleeding in the way they take medicine For those people, it’s good to start early From the day you start talking to your period,

I’m going to keep doing this Usually, the drugs sold in the drugstore are supposed to take a week off from school after drinking Sangju, which is maintained for three weeks, and after you quit, you start your period

You can take this medicine for 3 weeks without stopping, but you can take it for 4 weeks until you come back from a trip. If you stop taking it, you will start your period after 23 days. That’s a better way to do it. But to achieve that, don’t take a low dose 시알리스구입

Don’t use croquette. You should take contraceptives, but unless you’ve been taking them since the first day, HAN JUN, if you’ve been taking them for two weeks to achieve your period, this doesn’t have any contraceptive effect So you need to know that you can’t use blood. You need to use a different method There are people who think that Hun will get bloody because he took the contraceptive pill But that’s not it. So if you need to use Kim Eunho’s condom or something else, or if you need to use contraception, it’s good to take it from the beginning so that you can take your height input So, have a good trip. I hope you can control your period well during the vacation. Thank you

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