500 million dollars a week, plus 100 million bonus in Fenerbahce.


500 million dollars a week, plus 100 million bonus in Fenerbahce.


Mesut fizil wears a Fenerbahce uniform.

There has been no official announcement yet, but Fenerbahce posted a photo of fizil getting off the plane on the team’s official social media (SNS) on the 18th (Korea time), saying, “We brought fizil to Istanbul and we are in the process of transfer 카지노사이트

In fact, it is certain that he will go to Turkey. At this point, the British media 90MIN paid attention to how much fizil would earn in Fenerbahce on the 17th.

fizil was one of the highest-income earners in the English Premier League. He renewed his contract with Arsenal in 2018 and has been paid 350,000 pounds a week since then. It was the best in the team by week.

How much will Penervache pay fizil? The media quoted Turkey’s Sportx as saying that fizil would receive 4 million euros (about 5.3 billion won) per season. In terms of weekly pay, it is about 100 million won.

There is an additional clause, though one-fifth less than in Arsenal’s days. fizil will receive 25,000 euros (about 33 million won) for each match. If Fenerbahce wins the league, he can receive 500,000 euros (about 660 million won).

On top of that, fizil will receive 5 million euros (about 6.6 billion won) in installments for three years as a signing bonus. According to the media, Fenerbahce’s sponsors will bear the cost.

There is a reason why fizil can make a lot of money in Fenerbahce. This is because there is no transfer fee. “It is expected that Arsenal and his contract will be terminated,” the media said. This means that Fenerbahce can take fizil for free.

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