The Glory Part 2 door is finally opening.”All the lines will explode due

The Glory Part 2

The Glory Part 2 door is finally opening.”All the lines will explode due to the chaos.”

The Glory Part 2

“It will be part 2 where chaos, destruction, and oblivion are all mixed.”

The Glory Part 2 will finally be released.

While the Netflix original series “The Glory” Part 2 will be released at 5 p.m. on the 10th, the production team and actors have revealed their own viewing points, adding to expectations.

Writer Kim Eun-sook, director Ahn Gil-ho, and Song Hye-kyo introduced each viewing point at a meeting with The Glory Part 2 audience on the 8th. Writer Kim Eun-sook told the fans who watched the 9th and 10th episodes in advance, “Did you enjoy the 9th and 10th episodes, and from the 11th episode, it is more fun.” There are six more interesting episodes left than you’ve seen,” he said, expressing strong pride in all episodes. Director Ahn Gil-ho also said, “I asked the staff for their opinions while working on Part 2, and they said episode 10 is more fun than episode 9 and episode 11 is more fun than episode 10. Personally, I think episode 16 will be the most fun,” he said, promising the ending of “The Glory” and “Yongdu Yongmi.”

The cast also set fire to the hearts of prospective viewers by revealing the expected points they thought of. Song Hye-kyo said, “All the double tracks laid down by Dong-eun will burst,” stimulating the curiosity of how the characters will fall into the meticulous trap set by Dong-eun in Part 1. Jung Sung-il said, “It will be The Glory-Part2, a mixture of chaos, destruction, and oblivion,” referring to the newly coined word “Honpa-mang,” while Kim Hi-ra and Cha Joo-young explained in simple but sympathetic words, “jjang” and “Daebak,” respectively. Kim Gun-woo said, “It’s a mystery,” and asked them to watch it while unraveling hidden narratives such as the whereabouts of Son Myung-oh, his role in the play.

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