“Goodbye Yasmin” Hyundai Engineering & Construction, Montagno and Go


“Goodbye Yasmin” Hyundai Engineering & Construction, Montagno and Go to the End…”Yasmin can live his daily life now, leaving for the U.S. on the 10th.”


Hyundai Engineering & Construction eventually terminated the contract with Yasmin Vedart (registered name Yasmin).

Hyundai Engineering & Construction said on the 9th, “Yasmin’s back injury is prolonged, making it difficult to play in the game. “We agreed to terminate the contract with the player,” he said.

Yasmin, who played for Hyundai Engineering & Construction for two consecutive seasons from last season to this season, helped Hyundai Engineering & Construction cruise with his destructive attack. However, the injury hampered him. My back hurt so much that I couldn’t cheer up. In the end, he failed to play after the match against Pepper Savings Bank on December 18 last year.

Hyundai Engineering & Construction did its best until the end to ensure Yasmin’s quick return. Domestic players held out, but there was a limit. Eventually, he brought Ibono Montagno (registered name Montagno) as a substitute. He hoped to come back, cheering for Yasmin’s quick recovery with a small hope, but in the end, his dream did he didn’t come true.

Yasmin will leave Hyundai Engineering & Construction with 43 games, 1,033 points, 44% attack success rate, 0.506 blocking per set, and 0.444 serve per set. This season’s record is 13 games, 359 points, 48.86 percent attack success rate, 0.681 blocking per set, and 0.447 serve per set. 파워볼게임

Hyundai Engineering & Construction said, “Montagno, who plays as a substitute, plans to play the rest of the game until the postseason,” adding, “Yasmin has recently recovered to the extent that he can live his daily life after discharge and is scheduled to leave for the U.S. on the 10th.”

Montagno, who came to Hyundai Engineering & Construction on behalf of Yasmin, has scored 138 points in seven games and a 38.17% attack success rate. Hyundai Engineering & Construction will play against Korea Expressway Corporation on the 10th.

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