“Suzume” Makoto Shinkai success in Korea…”If I get more than

Makoto Shinkai

“Suzume” Makoto Shinkai success in Korea…”If I get more than 3 million hearts, I’ll come back to Korea”.

Makoto Shinkai

Director Makoto Shinkai and actor Nanaka Hara of the movie “The Lockdown of Suzume” have completed their official schedule in Korea. In particular, director Makoto Shinkai expressed his special affection for Korea and drew attention by promising to “come back to Korea if the audience exceeds 3 million.”

Released on the 8th, “Suzume’s Lockdown” is an animated film about a girl named Suzume, who accidentally opened the door to a disaster, closing her door desperately to prevent disasters occurring in various parts of Japan. Director Makoto Shinkai, who visited Korea again to meet movie fans following his previous works “Your Name” and “Weathering Child,” and Nanaka Hara, who acted as the main character “Suzume,” wrapped up their three-day official schedule from the 7th (Tue) to the 9th (Thu) thanks to enthusiastic support from the audience.

First of all, director Makoto Shinkai and Nanaka Hara greeted the audience through stage greetings held at the three theaters from the 7th to the 9th. However, Hara Nanaka left Korea first on the afternoon of the 8th after performing a stage greeting on the 7th due to another scheduled schedule, expressing great regret that she could not join the schedule in Korea until the end. The two drew enthusiastic responses from the audience by performing a scene in “Suzume’s Lockdown” realistically in front of the audience. In particular, “Suzume’s Chair” was also joined throughout the stage greeting, drawing laughter. The audience warmed the atmosphere of the scene by showing their fan sentiment toward director Makoto Shinkai and Nanaka Hara, wearing costumes reminiscent of the character “Suzume” in “Suzume’s Lockdown” or holding up slogans made by themselves. Director Makoto Shinkai also made a special pledge, saying, “I want to come back to Korea and hold various events together if the audience exceeds 3 million.” In addition, director Makoto Shinkai and influencers had a face-to-face conversation with each other at the influencer Talk on the 8th, and they spent time openly talking about the parts, OSTs, and music that director Makoto Shinkai specifically challenged in “The Lockdown of Suzume.” Director Makoto Shinkai also shared an in-depth story about “Suzume’s Lockdown” with the audience through a mega-talk with director Byun Young-joo and film critic Joo Sung-chul on the 8th. Director Makoto Shinkai, who attended the Mega Talk, told a variety of stories by directly solving the audience’s questions about the location and character setting as well as the message contained in the movie. At the end of Megatalk, movie critic Joo Sung-chul said, “I think great artists deal with a theme all their lives, and I was really impressed by the thought of seeing the end of Makoto Shinkai in this film,” and Byun Young-joo cried at the thought of being comforted while watching “Suzume’s Lockdown.” It became one of the big reasons why I have no choice but to love this movie,” he said, expressing his admiration and affection for the movie. In particular, stage greetings and mega-talk were sold out quickly at the same time as the reservation was opened, so they met the expectations of fans who had been waiting for director Makoto Shinkai and “Suzume’s Lockdown.” On the 9th, the last day of his visit to Korea, director Makoto Shinkai`s appeared on SBS Love FM’s “Heo Ji-woong Show” and drew attention. Director Makoto Shinkai met with DJ Heo Ji-woong to tell the background and behind-the-scenes story of the movie. The “Heo Ji-woong Show,” which was held as a live radio, had a more meaningful time, with movie fans from all over the country participating and communicating in real time.

Director Makoto Shinkai`s and Nanaka Hara’s official schedule in Korea has been successfully completed, drawing a heated response, and the movie “Suzume’s Lockdown” is being screened at theaters nationwide.

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