Park Si-eun, 6 months pregnant, Jin Tae-hyun

Park Si-eun

Park Si-eun, 6 months pregnant, Jin Tae-hyun has a child with her heart, but it’s new every day

Park Si-eun

While Park Si-eun is six months pregnant, Jin Tae-hyun expressed his feelings.

On the 7th, Jin Tae-hyun posted a photo on his Instagram with the message, “27 weeks and 7 months of pregnancy on the 190th day of D-90.”

When his wife Park Si-eun became six months pregnant, Jin Tae-hyun said, “I’m six months pregnant, especially as a line I’ve seen in a drama movie.” I’m having a new experience for the first time in my life. Of course, I have children with my heart or heart, but even if I don’t appear in dramas or movies every day as if I’ve become a character in a movie or a drama, I feel new, study, and excitement every day,” he said.

He added, “But I’m grateful that it’s not acting, it’s real, it’s a new experience in reality, and I’m going a little different way than everyone is going.”

Jin Tae-hyun said, “We will soon have a new life. Every day is making new resolutions, and I hope my wife will cheer up and finish the race. It’s okay to be a little late at the finish line, holding hands with Baby in the ship and my wife in the name of a mother only for my wife, so don’t get hurt and I’ll block the wind in front of you, so let’s run slowly and well. Our family,” he said, expressing his affection for his wife and family.

Meanwhile, Jin Tae-hyun adopted his daughter, Davida, a college student after marrying Park Si-eun. Park Si-eun, who reported two miscarriages, recently became pregnant after seven years of marriage

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