the effects and side effects of pineapples Mitigate inflammation


the effects and side effects of pineapples


Pineapple Effect

1. Mitigate inflammation and boost immunity.

Bromeline, a unique ingredient in this fruit, has the effect of reducing inflammation, increasing immunity, and responding to asthma and various allergies to help our body’s overall health. Immunity is the basis of health. It’s the ability to cope with diseases. Also, inflammation is the cause of various chronic diseases. Delicious fruits will prevent inflammation and reduce it.

2. It has anti-cancer properties.

Studies show that Bromeline, a protein digestive enzyme in pineapples, has anti-cancer effects. It responds by preventing and killing cancer cells. Of course, this fruit is not a special medicine for cancer. However, eating delicious fruits will improve your anti-cancer ability 비아그라구매

3. Good for wound healing.

Bromelines help our body’s health in various ways, one of which is the effect of wound healing. Studies show that when you take bromelin, the wound is treated more easily and quickly healed. That’s why we sometimes put bromelin in cosmetics.

4. Smooth bowel function.

The number of bacteria in our body is ten times the number of cells, and most of them are in the intestines. Bromeline has the effect of helping the intestines function in various ways, such as reducing inflammatory factors in the intestines and preventing diarrhea.

5. It is good for weight loss of weight.

It is a low calorie fruit but relatively full, so it is good for weight loss diets.

6. It’s good for high blood pressure.

It is rich in potassium and has a low sodium content, which reduces the risk of high blood pressure.

7. It helps with eye health.

There is a lot of vitamin A in it. Vitamin A has an overall vision improvement effect, such as responding to aging and impaired vision.

8. It strengthens the bones.

It is said that if your body lacks manganese, your bones become weak and it is easy to become osteoporosis. This fruit is rich in manganese, which is needed to strengthen bones, and it has the effect of reducing the risk.

9. It’s good for your skin.

It is rich in vitamin C, so it cleanses the skin and makes it glossy. In addition, antioxidant ingredients in this fruit prevent cell damage caused by aging and prevent cell damage caused by ultraviolet rays to help skin health.

10. It’s good for whitening teeth.

Vitamin C and Bromeline have the effect of breaking down plaque and cleaning teeth. Because of this, people sometimes put bromelin in toothpaste.

What are the side effects?

It’s generally a safe fruit. However, it will depend on your situation. If there is a special situation, it is better to consult a doctor.

Bromeline, the protein digestive enzyme in here, has a beneficial effect on our body. However, excessive consumption can cause side effects such as swelling in the lips or tongue.

Bromeline can have side effects that cause interference with certain drugs. If you are taking medicine due to illness, follow the doctor’s instructions. It could cause side effects.

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