Death of a seventh-grade civil servant who starred in You Quiz

You Quiz

Death of a seventh-grade civil servant who starred in You Quiz

You Quiz

Amid the death of a civil servant in his 20s who was working at the Seoul Museum of Art, who is believed to be an extreme choice at home, speculation is rising that the official is the youngest seventh-grade civil servant to appear on tvN’s “You Quiz on the Block.”

The Jongno Police Station in Seoul said on the 9th that A, a seventh-grade civil servant working at the Seoul Museum of Art, was found dead at his house the day before and is under investigation.

No suicide note was found, but one media reported that A passed the civil service exam at a somewhat early age and had a hard time with bullying at work. The police are trying to figure out the details from people around him, including his co-workers.

In response, the Seoul Metropolitan Government and the museum claimed that there was no harassment in the workplace regarding the death of A.

However, Internet users who heard the news said, “We need to find out the truth accurately. Some speculated, “Isn’t he the same person as Kim, who recently appeared on an entertainment program and was introduced to pass the seventh-grade civil service exam at the age of 20?”

It is not confirmed whether Mr. A is a public official who appeared on the show. However, a post on the university community where Kim graduated said, “We are the same person,” is drawing attention. Kim’s Instagram has also been turned private.

As a result, Kim’s remarks at the time of his appearance in “You Quiz on the Block” are also being re-examined. He said he was working at the Seoul Museum of Art’s collection research department at the time, “I was not used to it at first. “My school life and work life were much different than I thought,” he said. “I was the only woman in the department where I was first assigned without my age.” “It was a little bit hard to adjust.

Asked about the merits and demerits of public officials, he then gained sympathy by saying, “It is an advantage that I am not fired, but the other party is not cut for life.”

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