recurrence of Candiditis Let me tell you about


recurrence of Candiditis


Let me tell you about Candida vaginitis It’s fungal. It’s a slightly different aspect of bacterial vaginitis. 3D In your case, it’s when your immune system drops. It’s a kind of infection that’s good for recurrence once you get it The most uncomfortable part of vaginitis is itching Itchy is very sour. It has special ingredients. If the cuteness gets worse, it can be itchy, itchy, swollen, or painful So, people with Candida tend to visit obstetrics and gynecology clinics earlier than people with bacterial vaginitis When does it happen here?

When your body is tired, you take care of it when you roll. Especially when you can’t sleep well So, students who are preparing for exams or those who have insomnia can get it because of various reasons. It’s not a bad bacteria. It’s not like it’s contagious like venereal disease. It’s hard to get it again. It’s relatively simple. Most people who take it often have symptoms I do. That would reduce the number of rehabilitation

If you stop taking medication, Eunjae can do it right away. If you have a relapse, it’s better to change your lifestyle. If you can, you need to secure sleep time. If you write it, it’s better to sleep at 2am and wake up at 10am It helps you recover from fatigue by securing sleep in the evening, and when you do it, you can reduce the recurrence rate and improve your symptoms a little by little You’d better stop drinking It’s a problem for you to drink while taking medicine, but what about drinking alcohol? I’m going to keep going now, so I have to do activities for detox, and I don’t drink during the day. Yoda, you’re taking it at night, so stay up late

You keep working your body too hard Even if your heart is happy, your body can be tired It’s better not to like it. If it recurs often and it’s not good, it’s better to exercise or promote less Because it’s a fungus, it’s a bit wet and it might not be good in the spa environment If you keep looking at the mold environment, you’ll find out So it’s good to take care of what you learned so that it’s a bit dry For example, if you dry it well after washing it, it’s good to avoid clothes that get stuck or sweaty, so it’s good to avoid hearing it. People who get caught a lot, like yoga instructors, get caught a lot It’s a job where you use your body, but you keep wearing leggings

Since you’re sleepy, it’s comfortable to wear when you wear it, but the spicy side is humid So please avoid the parts that I sang. If you wear something that’s airy, it’ll be open And we talk about it right before your period. Eating a lot of sweets and lighting. If you put too much sweet food instead, you can easily develop Candiditis, so it’s good to avoid that. You can’t control your diabetes or contraceptives 강남야구장

You can be handsome even in that case So, you can control the medicine you take and improve it, so you have vaginitis that recurs too often I heard that’s Candida In this case, find out what you can improve in your life

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