Anus wrinkles acute acupuncture swollen anus What’s the effect


Anus wrinkles acute acupuncture swollen anus What’s the effect of hemorex cream?


Q: I’m a woman in my early 20s. A small amount of blood was observed earlier this year while defecating and wiping with tissue.

I went to a nearby anus surgeon for medical treatment because I suspected a disease. Second stage of hemorrhoids? They say it’s an acute hemorrhoid fever.

I have a habit of wiping my poo with tissue. I tend to shake neatly. They said it wasn’t enough to operate on hemorrhoids. Fortunately. My teeth weren’t that bad either. There was no anus protrusion. I got a prescription for hemorex cream ointment with capsule medicine 온라인약국 비아그라

I’ve been feeling that there’s been a problem lately. My anus doesn’t protrude when I go to the bathroom, but I often feel uncomfortable on the dung part.

I took a picture of it and found that the anus wrinkles were weird, and it’s like a nucleus? There seems to be an anus protrusion. Should I visit the anus again?

A: Chi Yeul is observed at the 6 o’clock direction. Overall, if you look at the outside of the dungkko, it’s swollen. If you don’t have any symptoms of anus protruding during bowel movements, medication can be sufficient.

Stop drinking first and take a hot bath once or twice a day. At least 3 minutes. Take two or three pills a day, three weeks after purchasing Diosmin (a product similar to Chisen and Benitol tablets) at the pharmacy. Hemorex cream is not actually a solution. Practice how to dilute the bowels. It’ll be all right.

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