I’ll give you signs and symptoms of esophagitis


I’ll give you signs and symptoms of esophagitis.


It’s hard to swallow food.

The most common symptom of esophageal cancer is that it is difficult to swallow food. There is a feeling of food hitting the throat and chest, or even the food blocking the throat, making it difficult to breathe. The medical term for this symptom is “low-down disorder,” which is often light in the beginning, but gets worse as the entrance to the esophagus narrows over time.

When swallowing becomes difficult, people often change their diet or eat habits without knowing what the symptoms are. People make food into smaller pieces and eat it more carefully and slowly. As the tumor grows, this swallowing disorder gets worse, and people start eating soft foods that are easier to swallow. Avoiding bread and meat that makes you feel the symptoms. However, this swallowing disorder can be so bad that you have to completely stop eating hard food and change it to liquid food. If the tumor continues, it will be difficult to swallow even the fluid at some stage.

The body will make more saliva to swallow the food. This also causes a large amount of murky mucus or saliva to complain of pain 비아그라판매

I have a pain in my chest.

Sometimes people complain of pain or discomfort in the middle of the chest. Some people describe it as a feeling of pressure or burning. These symptoms appear more often as other problems such as heartburn than cancer, so people often don’t realize that it’s a sign that they have cancer.

Swallowing food is painful when cancer is large enough to prevent it from swallowing food. The pain will last for a few seconds after swallowing the food because it is difficult for food or liquid to pass through the tumor.

Weight loss occurs.

About half of the patients with esophageal cancer lose weight even when they do nothing about weight loss. This is because the difficulty of swallowing food prevents you from eating enough to maintain your weight. Other factors include loss of appetite and metabolic changes caused by cancer.

There are also these symptoms.

These symptoms can occur in esophageal cancer.

Rest your throat.

I have a chronic cough.

I sometimes vomit.

I’m hiccupping.

It causes pneumonia.

I feel pain in my bones.

There’s also esophageal bleeding. This blood comes out through the digestive system, which will blacken the feces. Over time, this bleeding will cause anemia and make you feel tired.

Is it esophageal cancer?

One or two of the symptoms listed above do not mean patients with esophageal cancer. In fact, these symptoms are more caused by other situations. However, if you have these symptoms, especially if you have difficulty swallowing food, please see a doctor to check. Then we can find esophageal cancer and treat it if necessary.

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