The reason why I had to be actor Cho Jin-woong..???

actor Cho Jin-woong

The reason why I had to be actor Cho Jinwoong.

Director Lee Won-tae of “Foreign Defense” explained why he had to cast actor Cho Jin-woong in the movie.

actor Cho Jin-woong

On the morning of the 2nd, a production briefing session was held at Megabox Seongsu in Seongdong-gu, Seoul. Cho Jin-woong, Lee Sung-min, Kim Moo-yeol and director Lee Won-tae attended the event.

The movie “Foreign Expedition” is a crime drama in Busan in 1992, in which Hae-woong, a late lawmaker candidate, Sun-tae, a hidden influential figure in the political arena, and Pil-do, an activist gangster, have a secret document that will shake Korea up. The secret and confidential documents that will overturn the Republic of Korea are the central subject of the play, greatly stimulating the curiosity of prospective audiences, and the intertwined relationship between the three characters increases immersion and provides genre fun of crime movies.

Director Lee Won-tae said, “From the screenplay adaptation to Cho Jin-woong, casting and talking.” Then, why was the main character Haewoong Cho Jinwoong?

Actor Cho Jin-woong was generous, saying, “Maybe it’s because of the high cost-effectiveness.” Director Lee Won-tae said, “In the neighborhood, a man in his 40s who has a good brother, a good brother, a family to protect, and a reason to live had to express his social crisis and turned into an axis of evil to survive regardless of his will. I’m sure all three of these things can be expressed.”

Director Lee then said, “Also, the movie was set in Busan, so I needed Busan’s unique sensibility.” “The only person who satisfied all of this was Cho Jin-woong,” he said. “As soon as we started the actual scenario adaptation, we met and talked.” He recalled, “What Cho Jin-woong said to me at the time was why he gave me such a difficult one again.”

Meanwhile, ‘Foreign Rain’ will be released on March 1.

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