SM’s Got The Beat discipline is scary Hyoyeon and Seulgi’s face

SM's Got The Beat

SM’s Got The Beat discipline is scary Hyoyeon and Seulgi’s face almost exploded.

SM's Got The Beat

It has been revealed that other members Hyo-yeon and Seul-gi suffered from difficulties due to BoA, a member of the group Got the Beat, who is sensitive to cold.

SM Entertainment’s girl group unit Got the Beat uploaded a music video review video of its new title song “Stamp On It” on its official YouTube channel on the 24th. The members introduced behind-the-scenes stories of the music video shooting.

On the same day, BoA went out to the camera with a hot pack. Taeyeon said to BoA, “You get cold easily, right? He pointed out, “He’s still holding a hot pack.”

“I don’t go out of the house in winter,” said BoA, who is sensitive to cold.

Following BoA’s words, Hyo-yeon mentioned the practice room situation before the comeback, saying, “My sister got so cold that it was a little hot in our practice room.”

When Hyo-yeon looked at Seul-gi and said, “He’s about to burst his face, too, I thought.” Seul-gi laughed while covering her face.

In Hyo-yeon’s recollection, BoA said, “I wore long sleeves and long pants from then on,” and Hyo-yeon responded, “We should wear sleeveless shirts from next time.”

BoA laughed back, saying, “The temperature difference is not right.”

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