National singer Lee Solomon first mini-album “When..

Lee Solomon

National singer Lee Solomon first mini-album “When Dawn Suddenly Finds Me”.

National singer Isolomon will return as the first new album of the year.

Lee Solomon

The agency n.CH Entertainment said on the 20th, “Lee Solomon will release his first mini-album ‘When Dawn Blooms Up’ on the 28th.”

Earlier, a teaser image was released on the official social media of the national singer, announcing the release of Isolomon’s new album. In the image, Isolomon wore a jacket to give off a dandy look. In addition, he created a sentimental look with his eyes wet with excellence, completing an atmosphere that matches the album name.

“When dawn suddenly finds me” is an album composed of thoughts and memories that come to mind when you are completely alone.

Lee Solomon, who released the single “Poet” written and composed by himself in November last year, returns to his first mini-album in about two months and presents a song with his unique sensibility.

In particular, while Lee Solomon, who was loved as a leading minstrel of “Tomorrow is a National Singer,” heralded an emotional new album just by the name of the album, expectations are high on what message will impress listeners.

Prior to its release, Isolomon will start pre-orders for “When Dawn Blooms Up” on its online record sales site at 11 a.m. on the 20th.

Isolomon’s first mini-album “When Dawn Blooms Up” will be released on various music sites at 6 p.m. on the 28th.

Singer Lee Solomon is from Daegu Metropolitan City and is known as Donghyang with Son Jin-wook from the same upper and lower regions and Kim Hee-seok from the university department.
He shared a high school with baseball player Koo Ja-wook and was also in the same class.
The agency opened an official fan cafe. Before that, there were several unofficial fan cafes, all of which had a large number of members, so they could not officially decide one of them, so they opened a new official fan cafe.
It looks like Pocket Monster’s Squirtle. He looks like a cute character. Fans are paying keen attention to this event.

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