Penile prosthesis implantation flexion There are two types


Penile prosthesis implantation flexion


There are two types of prosthesis insertions: inflatable and flexed But in this case, you need to put strength into it, but when I take it, you use a stick I always take care of myself You can bend and straighten it with your hands, but it’s always found. First, it’s a mole that’s marked when others see it. And even if you bend it like this, it’s very unnatural, so even if you wear it,

I feel more comfortable and uncomfortable The biggest advantage of this is that you can have a natural sex because it doesn’t matter when you have an erection. It’s bright and natural at the end, so you can have a natural sex. Of course, the inflatable prosthesis insertions are great in March Now I’m doing surgery on a lot of people, 99% of them are implantation, and almost 1% of them are using Pyeongchang, which is unfair 강남풀싸롱

The reason is that the cost of the inflatable implant is only half of the cost, so we do it now, but when we do the satisfaction survey, almost 99% of the inflatable implant implantation is satisfied

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