Abolish abortion law Down syndrome Heart malformation


Abolish abortion law Down syndrome Heart malformation


I’ll tell you what kind of procedure abortion is and what kind of problems people do There are many opinions about the abolition of the abortion law these days. It’s not a good thing for obstetricians who are looking at abortion very closely, but I think it’s necessary for one day We often say abortion is an abortion It’s a procedure that interrupts the pregnancy, and it starts with a simple procedure to pull out the baby’s nest, and the more you don’t register, the harder the procedure is It’s almost like giving birth to a child and giving birth again So when that happens,

Now I have a lot of experience because I’ve had a lot of abortions and I’ve already made mistakes connecting abortions There’s a case of mooring inheritance The baby house is still there, and it’s not talked about, but in cases where the heart stops, you have to religiousize the pregnancy to prepare for the next pregnancy, so we’re doing those procedures, right? I’m alive. It’s illegal now to stop the pregnancy Most doctors don’t make that mistake Abortion is illegal right now

The woman undergoing the procedure and the doctor undergoing the procedure will be punished together So men aren’t subject to punishment. They’re responsible, but most people think it’s possible if there’s a deformity Abortion is not possible even with malformations Except in some areas, for example, the story doesn’t have a brain In this case, you may have an abortion

Because even if he’s born, he’s 100% dead. If you remember that he’s 100% dead, you can go ahead There’s a very high chance of dying in the womb, but in cases like Down’s syndrome and heart malformations that we hear a lot about, babies are burned with serious problems, but they can live, not to the point where the lobe goes You’re supposed to give birth at times like that I can’t have an abortion

So it’s very embarrassing because these kids need continuous care You have to do surgery, you have to go to the hospital if you have problems, and it’s really painful to watch your child There aren’t as many parents who woke up knowing that they had memories, and now they’re closing the divine and financial burden When we make judgments based on moral standards, we have to work There’s something like this When you’re in a situation like that, it takes a lot of courage to carry all these things. I think it’s kind of wrong to say that you have to leave because you have it legally. The misunderstanding is that the team is wrong

I’m not responsible for anything, so I think I’m pregnant. Most of the people who come to abortion 1 are just ordinary couples. There are a lot of couples who just gave birth, so I thought my period would be helpful because it didn’t come back long after I gave birth Or because it’s on demand, I thought it was contraception There are people who have bad contraceptive habits like this because it’s not the right time to get pregnant That’s why you’re getting pregnant by mistake, but it’s hard to argue that you need to get pregnant Especially, there are three of us already. But you have to get better and raise them I can’t do this You already know There’s a lot of mental and economic pressure I don’t think I can force you to do it outside even though it’s not something to help

There are some unfortunate cases 16-year-old, 17-year-old middle and high school students are pregnant too Most of the time, it’s not like I’m being raped or anything. I’m just doing whatever my favorite brother wants me to do I don’t feel that serious about it It’s not because they’re bad kids, but there are a lot of lazy friends who don’t know how serious they are, but she cries and begs You know how much it’s going to affect her future life if she doesn’t go to school, gets pregnant, gives birth, raises her child You can’t tell a kid like that that because you had a baby on your own will, you have to get out of this You can’t have an abortion just because you’re a minor

There’s no abortion standard So if this friend is called Natter, it’s a crime. It can happen to anyone Anyone can make mistakes. There’s no such thing as a pimple So even if you’re good at playing games, your condom might rip, you might not have noticed it, or your period might have changed for a day. So I hope everyone is tired in a safe way, but people who come aren’t 100% perfect So those people can have problems, and I can make mistakes at some point. It’s very reticent that there’s no way to get relief I can give you a mix-up of things that aren’t morally right, but I think it’s better to stay pregnant, but I had that intention legally

But I’m not having an abortion because I’m pregnant I’m not doing this on purpose because I’m committing a crime, planning it, and I’m being punished for being the same offender, even if that’s what it means, and the chair is like that. I want to help youI know what he’s in, I know how hard it is, I understand how much his life will change because of this, but now that he’s legally blocked it, the doctor can’t help him, even though he has enough room to help, it’s not money 비아그라 파는곳

It’s not a relationship. You can’t make money out of it There’s a lot of talk about what doctors do, but there’s a lot of ways to make money for obstetricians I’ve lived well without anything. But I’ve seen a lot of them. The wives I’ve been dating for 10 months come up close to me, talk about their worries, and the people who come to me always come and say, “Can’t you help me?” When you hear that, you can relate to it That’s why I’m telling you now

I have many chances to talk about it because I’m the one who sees it up close But most people don’t have access to it, and they don’t think that’s going to happen to them. They do So, the obstetricians who are looking at it keep pointing out this, so I think there should be data that doesn’t allow women, and I think there should be freedom of choice not only for women but also for families

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