The reason why I have to remove my lying wisdom tooth


The reason why I have to remove my lying wisdom tooth (molar cavity)


the extraction of a lying wisdom tooth You just have to remember that you have to pick one The reason is that you can give it to your molars in the face of bad effects, but 100% of wisdom teeth are not common in your 20s except for those who don’t brush their teeth and don’t really take care of their mouth, but when they’re in their 40s and 50s at the latest, they can’t pull them out It’s a sad case

If you knew it beforehand, you’d have a hard time getting your wisdom teeth removed at the university hospital Everyone has their wisdom teeth removed, but there are a lot of wisdom teeth removed at regular dentists, so make sure to remove your wisdom teeth lying on the side There are times when the hair is a little out, or there are times when you can see a lot, depending on your age, your gums… It goes down, so when you get older, you get older, but if you go through the process, you can see or not, these gum-like guys get more teeth, and when the microorganisms get calmer, they’re less gum-like, but they’re not fully functioned

It’s not right on this side. It’s a tooth replacement. It’s a space where microorganisms can enter and exit anytime. My eyes are good, so I mix a lot under the roots. But if I have a cavity here, I can’t save it Unfortunately, if you have to remove the wisdom that you can use when Po leaves, you will achieve it

Even if it’s not a cavity, there are a lot of things that are good for you In the inner part of the periodontal disease, many microorganisms go in and melt the bones So, the disease that only melts here continues. So I keep melting, melting, and even the cracks. Eventually, my gums can’t save the acacia After a certain critical point, there are two things

It causes cavities, so if dentists watch it, dentists can use it a lot, but you have to pull out the wisdom teeth that you sponsored Patients should be alert when they say they like someone, and if you want to use your molars well for the rest of your life, I recommend you to search for wisdom tooth extraction

Even if your gums grow bigger, it might not be sealed

The reason is that this root is already contaminated, so you can’t put the contaminated fibroblast back on or any other cells It’s not a deep mistake, but it’s highly likely that he’ll heal with his deep-nosed gums. He’s a little bit better, but those of you who packed this much should change the car to here If the person right now says it’s clean up to here, it’s really hard to do the back There are people who can’t see well in the back and have to change cars sensibly and go all the way down here 비아그라 지속시간

So this part is bound to be a long, deformed crown, and if you picked it when you were young, you would have been able to fill it up again because we watched it But even if we become friends, we can be on stage Anyway, I told you this because he came before his eyes got dark, so he was able to save the worst. But most of the time, you need to remove it. Regardless of your age, I recommend you to remove your wisdom teeth

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