Levandowski’s drinking too much garlic to hide it, but Clop


Levandowski’s drinking too much garlic to hide it, but Clop


Robert Lewandowski, who had teamed up with current Liverpool coach Jurgen Klopp at Borussia Dortmund, recalled his memories.

Germany’s Sport Built introduced Levanovsky’s contribution to the “Player Tribune” on the 12th (Korean time). “I learned a lot from Klopp,” Levandowski recalled. “I was like my father.”

One of the episodes Levanovsky introduced was how to deal with drinking too much the previous day. I remember sitting in the locker room after the weekend vacation. If you drank too much on vacation, eating too much garlic is a classic way to deal with the situation. My breath doesn’t smell like alcohol 먹튀검증

Klopp was not fooled by Levanovsky’s expedition. “Clop snooped into the locker room before training. He sniffed like a hound and said, ‘It smells like garlic.’ “Of course he knew why he smelled like garlic,” Klopp confessed that he had noticed his excessive drinking.

However, Klopp did not get angry. “Clop went out without saying a word. The locker room became quiet for a while. Then me and he looked at each other and started laughing. I’ve learned not to try to deceive manager Klopp. “He’s too smart,” he said.

Levanowski lost his father at the young age of 16. The time I spent with my father was too short. To him, Klopp was like a father. As a coach, Klopp was a “bad teacher,” according to Levanowski. Although he was strict, he did his best to draw results from the players.

Levantowski has been coached by numerous masters, including Yup Heinkes, Carlo Ancelotti, Joseph Guardiola, and Hanji Flick, but Clop is still considered the most important manager. Perhaps because of Clop’s human aspect and his ability to draw the potential of the player.

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