Backed Bantamweight former champion Dilasho returns to second


Backed Bantamweight former champion Dilasho returns to second place in a heartbeat.


TJ Dila Show, who returned, quickly returned to second place in the rankings.

Dila Shaw is a former bantamweight champion. However, he was suspended for two years for taking banned drugs and left Octagon.

After a two-year hiatus, Dila Show (photo) entered the 27th stage of UFC On ESPN on the 25th. L35. The U.S. defeated Bantamweight No. 2 Corey Sandhagen (29. the U.S.) with a thrilling reversal play for the first time in two years and six months.

With a single victory on the day, Dillashaw inherited Sandhagen’s No. 2 ranking.

Although he lost, Sandhanger, who fought a fierce battle, was also ranked third, one step lower.

With Dilasho’s entry into the rankings, all but No. 1 Petr Jan fell one step at a time.

Rob Font is fourth, Jose Aldo is fifth, Cody Garbrandt is sixth, Malone Morayes is seventh, Frankie Edgar is eighth, Pedro Mounews is ninth, and Dominic Cruise is tenth.

The bantamweight, which was otherwise full of prominent fighters, has become a jungle of the strong with the addition of Dilasho. There is not a single player who is easy to reach 10th place.

Most of them have won the title or have won the title. Algermaine Sterling’s career as a champion due to champion Petr Jan’s Lo Blew foul could end in his first defense.

Bantamweight war ignited by Dila Shaw’s return victory. On the 16th, Jose Aldo, a “pedar-weight tyrant,” will heat up the war by waging a fourth round of bantam-class with Munoz.

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