What’s the difference between senility and dementia?


What’s the difference between senility and dementia?


Q: My father is in his mid-80s. I recently had laryngeal cancer surgery to remove my vocal cords. You are currently expressing your opinion with an artificial larynx.

The problem is that after 10 p.m., they don’t sleep and come out to the hospital room and walk around. I do things that I don’t usually do.

My doctor said it’s a delirium, and it’ll get better when you’re healthy. If so, I’m glad, but I’m worried that it might develop into dementia later on.

It is said that the hope does not develop into dementia, but I keep feeling anxious. What’s the difference between these two diseases?

A: A number of causes can cause a scintillation.

When you hit your head hard, you can see the stars. The actual symptoms of delirium are worse than this.

Neurosurgery and internal medicine do not see dementia as a close relationship with the island network. The reason for this is that they tend to see similar coma and islands such as concussion, head injury, and after major surgery, and rarely connect it to dementia.

You don’t have to worry about dementia. It’s okay to be relieved.

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