Loose Azar von Ancelotti’s reaction Vinicius, come on


Loose Azar von Ancelotti’s reaction Vinicius, come on


Real Madrid manager Carlo Ancelotti urgently found replacement resources. It was because of Eden Hazard’s loose defense.

Real Madrid tied Levante 3-3 in the second round of the 2021/2022 Spanish Primera Liga on the 23rd. He led the first half 1-0, but in the second half, he had a hard time in a draw after exchanging reversal and reversal.

It was Vinicius Junior who saved Real Madrid in crisis. Vinicius, who started on the bench, scored two goals in the 14th minute of the second half, replacing Azar. He scored an equalizer every time he gave Levante the lead, giving him a valuable point.

Hazard’s move as a starter in line with Vinicius’s performance was regrettable. It was noticeable that the defense was looser than the others and provided an excuse for losing a point. Ancelotti, al-Azhar’s pressure is weak as soon as I confirm a replacement reportedly the cause of death.

Spanish broadcaster “El Chiringito” released a video of Ancelotti calling Vinicius and Hodrigu in a hurry in the second half. That was the moment when Azar relaxed the pressure and Levante attacked easily. Disappointed by Azar, Ancelotti called Vinicius quite urgently and decided to replace him.

As a result of anxiety, Real Madrid allowed Levante a second goal in a few seconds. It was an attack that began in the space given by Azar. “When he saw Azar’s bad pressure, he tried to get Vinicius and Hodrigu ready quickly. “In fact, Levante scored a goal two seconds later,” he said. “We were interested in the series of reactions caused by Azar’s lack of concentration.

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