Outfielder Aaron Judge delivered his thoughts ahead


Outfielder Aaron Judge delivered his thoughts ahead of his team New York Yankees and the salary adjustment committee.


In an interview with local media such as “MLB.com” ahead of the Tampa Bay Rays and away games at Tropicana Field in St. Petersburg, Florida, on the 22nd (Korea Standard Time), Jersey expressed his thoughts on the upcoming salary adjustment committee.

The jersey and the Yankees will hold an annual salary adjustment committee through a video conference this Friday local time. This is where a third party coordinator sets Jersey’s 2022 season salary. The process was supposed to end in February, but this season was delayed due to labor disputes in the Major League.

The Yankees offered $17 million to Jersey ahead of the final salary adjustment, while Jersey demanded $21 million. The two sides were able to avoid the mediation committee by any number of agreements, but failed to narrow the gap.

It is not that there has been no effort at all. They negotiated an extension contract until the opening day of the season. The Yankees offered $213.5 million for seven years, but the players reportedly refused.

Jersey said, “It’s very simple. I love this team and I love this organization. But sometimes I don’t like the business side. I don’t think many people like this. The same will be true of the team. However, it is a process that we have to go through,” he said, expressing his thoughts on salary adjustment.

In this salary adjustment, the 2021 season’s performance, not Jersey’s this season’s performance, will be discussed. In 148 games last year, he batted .287 with 0.373 slugging percentage, 0.54439 home runs, and 98 RBIs. He was named the third All-Star in his career, the Silver Slugger, and ranked fourth in MVP voting.

Jersey, who will go to the FA market after this season, said, “What I feel motivated is not the FA or anything like that, but the special talents our team has and the opportunities that lie in front of us,” arguing that money issues such as FA are not motivated by his performance 토토추천

The Yankees will have their first annual salary adjustment committee since 2017. At the time, they had won against Deline Betanches.

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