Bradley Beale 37P Washington, Houston to win two games in a row


Bradley Beale 37P Washington, Houston to win two games in a row.


Washington beat Houston to a winning streak.

The Washington Wizards won 131-119 against the Houston Rockets in the 2020-2021 NBA regular season at the Capital One Arena in Washington on the 16th (Korean time) 토토사이트

Washington led the team to victory with Bradley Beale recording 37 points, 8 rebounds and 3 steals, and Russell Westbrook achieving 16 points and 13 rebounds and 15 assists triple-double.

Houston had double-double with John Wall (29 points, 11 assists) and David Newaba (19 points, 11 rebounds), but failed to prevent the team from losing.

Starting in the first quarter, Washington pressed Houston by scoring even goals with Bill at the forefront. Washington, which took the lead from the beginning of the game, played a man-to-man pressure defense to widen the gap, but failed to stop Wall’s breakthrough. Washington finished the first quarter with a 38-34 lead, which was defended by Davis Bertans at the end of the quarter.

Washington faced a crisis in the second quarter. Westbrook led the patterned attack, but failed to stop the attack on Darenewal House and Wall. Washington, who was hit by outer artillery, struggled to defend the lead with a Vietnamese outer shot 30.1 seconds before the quarter ended, ending the first half at 72-69.

In the second half, Washington widened the gap with Bill’s performance. Bill beat Houston’s defense by scoring with various routes underneath the outside goal. Raul Neto’s fastball layup with Bill, who scored 12 points in total, has a double-digit gap. Washington ended the third quarter with a score of 100-89 after a three-point shot to Bertans.

In the fourth quarter, Washington blocked Houston’s pursuit by scoring under the net rather than excessive outside shots. Washington widened the gap with Moritz Wagner’s dunk and Bertans’ layup. Washington remained vigilant until the end, pushing Houston to win.

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