What’s important is Lee Soyeon’s secret to losing 8kg


What’s important is Lee Soyeon’s secret to losing 8kg in a month


Actress Lee So-yeon shared her diet secret.

On the YouTube channel “Lee Soyeon So So TV,” on June 21, “Lee Soyeon’s first YouTube!” You’ll love it a lot, right?” was posted with the title video.

Lee said, “These days, people in their 30s and 40s are very concerned about their body shape. I think diet is really important after dieting. If you eat a lot, you gain weight no matter what you eat. I never eat fried pizza or high-calorie food on my first diet. Even if you eat it, you eat healthy meat, low-calorie seafood, and salmon, he said.

“I fill my stomach with water a lot. Drink more than 10 bottles of 500ml water a day. I drink water whenever I am hungry. If you don’t eat a lot, you lose your stamina, so take vitamins, he added.

Lee said, “I went on a short-term diet. I lost about 8kg in a month, and the diet was really important. Don’t do that because it hurts your health. It is good to set a goal of two to three months and exercise while dieting. Aerobic exercise is good for dieting. For those who are bored with exercise, I recommend doing Pilates with Zumba dance or instruments.

Meanwhile, Lee said, “I wanted to create an opportunity to get closer to you. I wanted to show my real self, not Lee So-yeon in movies or dramas, and look at the comments and act like a friend,” he said.

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