There was no contact from the FIBA in the frustrating


There was no contact from the FIBA in the frustrating situation Asian Champions Cup de facto cancellation


There was no contact from the FIBA until the day before the competition. The Asian Champions Cup is expected to be canceled.

Anyang KGC, which won the integrated championship last season, had great concerns. During his vacation, he had to compete in the 2023 FIBA Asia Champions Cup, which will open in Baghdad, Iraq on June 20. It wasn’t a problem to enter the competition. It was because the host country was Iraq, which was designated as a travel ban by the government.

The KGC delivered the difficulties of leaving Iraq to the Korea Basketball Association. The Korea Basketball Association also asked FIBA whether it was possible to change the venue. Both the KGC and the Korea Basketball Association could have been embarrassed because they could be disciplined at the FIBA level if they did not arbitrarily participate in the Asian Champions Cup.

However, the FIBA did not give any answer to the Korea Basketball Association until the 19th, the day before the scheduled opening of the Asian Champions Cup. It is also said that it did not announce the opening or postponement of the competition.

An official from the Korea Basketball Association said, “There is no answer at all in FIBA. It’s really frustrating. If I do it tomorrow (20th), I can’t go. In fact, it should be seen as a cancellation. “It can be postponed, but I don’t think it will be easy because the Hangzhou Asian Games are scheduled,” he said.

“After the end of COVID-19 at FIBA, we are trying to revitalize the Asian Champions Cup again. However, all countries feel burdened to hold the competition. There is a big cost problem. So I chose Iraq as the venue, but I can’t go to Japan as well as Korea because it’s a travel-banned country. The FIBA position would also be embarrassing. It is regrettable in many ways,” he added.

If the Asian Champions Cup is canceled as expected, the KGC can normally finish about two months of vacation and start preparing for the new season. However, if it is a postponement, not a cancellation, the same problem is repeated. This is because there is a great burden on leaving Iraq.

A KGC official said, “I have to answer the inquiry, but it’s really frustrating. There is no problem that the competition will be postponed to August or September. You can’t go if the venue is Iraq. I have a lot of questions about not only our team but also the winning team next season. “I don’t think it’s polite to the winning team,” he said.

The KGC was scheduled to convene its squad in late May for the Asian Champions Cup, but is currently on vacation normally. As the Asian Champions Cup is set to be canceled, the team plans to start training from the 10th of next month after completing a two-month vacation 파워볼사이트

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