Chinese style No regrets about plastic surgery Hong Soo-ah


Chinese style No regrets about plastic surgery Hong Soo-ah’s cool response to criticism


Hong Soo-ah, who coolly said, “My face has changed a lot due to plastic surgery.” “But I have no regrets,” he said. “This is also the result of my efforts.”

Hong Soo-ah, who starred in the movie “Touching Warning” (director Kim Woo-suk), expressed her honest thoughts on the malicious comments and criticism surrounding plastic surgery in a video interview on June 17.

The movie “Touching Warning,” which will be released on the 22nd, is a romance comedy film in which Bo-young, who suffers from a touching disease that risks her life when she is deeply touched, meets Irony, a good country youth, and achieves her dreams and love.

Hong Soo-ah played the role of “Bo-young,” who suffered from a rare disease in the drama and gave up curling, which she liked. If you are moved, your life will be in danger, but you meet Irony (Choi Woong), a country youth who is second only to an angel, and you fall in love and spend happy days, raising curiosity about what will happen to her.

Regarding the reason for appearing in “Touching Warning,” Hong Soo-ah said, “I tend to choose a character that suits me and I’m confident I’ll do well, but I also thought “Touching Warning” could do well after reading the scenario.” Because of that, I was able to do it comfortably as if I were wearing my own clothes.”

It is a character suffering from a rare disease called “Touching Disease,” which hurts his body, such as bleeding his nose when he is touched. Hong Soo-ah said, “I also tend to be touched by everything so small that I wonder if there is a ‘moved disease’ in reality,” adding, “I feel warm even when there is nothing much.” That’s why there were many things that I sympathized with Bo-young,” he said.

For example, Hong Soo-ah, who confessed, “I watched the movie for the first time at a recent preview, and I was embarrassed because I kept crying,” hinted, “My makeup was so good that it was all gone.”

Through this “Touching Warning,” I want to hear that “Hong Soo-ah is good at romantic comedy.” Hong Soo-ah said, “I felt good because people around me watched the movie and said, ‘Romantic comedy looks good on you.'”

So what do you think about real romance? Hong Soo-ah, who said, “I don’t have any thoughts of getting married yet,” said, “I have to have a child when I get married, but I still have a lot of things I want to achieve, so I want to do it in But I don’t think I’ll be able to get married then,” he said with a smile. At the same time, he stressed, “I have no thoughts of getting married yet.”

His ideal type is “a warm, witty, humorous and sometimes charismatic person,” Hong said. “I hope I hope I have something to learn. I think it’s a little tricky, but it’s because I’m so conservative,” he said.

He has been focusing on Chinese activities instead of domestic ones. Hong said, “I had a lot of plastic surgery while I was in China. It’s true that my face has changed to a style that Chinese people like,” he said honestly.

“It was criticized a lot in Korea. However, I had no choice but to do what I wanted in China, which called me because I had a passion for acting. A Chinese production company also recommended plastic surgery. However, in Korea, there was a cold reaction that “the old face is more attractive,” he said candidly.

However, Hong Soo-ah, who said, “I don’t regret it,” said, “Thanks to that, I was able to star in the works I wanted to do in China. It is a country that I am grateful for because China gave me an opportunity to show deep acting. I can’t do activities in China right now due to the corona problem, but..I can’t even say that.

Regarding malicious comments from netizens, he said, “I expected it,” but “On the other hand, there are many inquiries about information requests through SNS messages asking where the surgery was done.” I think I’ve gotten used to my face, and now there are many people who say I’m pretty, and there are people who support me. Anyway, it’s the result of my efforts,” he said coolly.

When asked, “What do you think about looking back on your path as a 20-year-old debut?” Hong Soo-ah said, “It’s been a long time since I debuted, but I don’t think there’s a representative work that comes to mind when I think of Hong Soo-ah.” I hope this ‘Touching Warning’ will be a good representative work,” he hoped.

Meanwhile, Hong Soo-ah also reported how she has been absorbed in tennis. In April, he won the mixed doubles championship at the Bobolat Underdog Doubles, a club tennis tournament. She became the first celebrity to win the women’s doubles category in February, and achieved it in two months.

He is so athletic that he was nicknamed “Hong-ro” in the past for his unusual pitching form. “These days, I’m into tennis and I’m participating in competitions. I’ve already won two tournaments. We are still preparing hard for the national competition,” he said.

“I introduced the club to actor Choi Woong, who filmed ‘Touching Warning’ together, and it became ‘Terin’,” he said. “Actor Choi Woong plays tennis really well.” We’re calling them prodigies,” he hinted. “I think there will be a modifier called ‘Tenisua’ following the modifier ‘Hong-ro’,” he said with a smile

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