Neglecting macular degeneration could lead to blindness


Neglecting macular degeneration could lead to blindness.


As you get older, your eyesight decreases. It’s natural.

If things appear to be distorted, we should suspect macular degeneration. macular degeneration, which occurs mainly after the age of 50, is cited as the biggest cause of the blindness of the elderly. Initial management is very important.

The retina converts light from our eyes into electrical signals and transmits them to the brain through nerves.

The macula is a nerve tissue with a radius of about 1.5 mm located in the center of the retina. The majority of visual cells are here. It plays an important role in vision as part of the focus of things.

The macular degeneration is called macular degeneration because of aging, genetic factors, toxicity, and inflammation. Severe symptoms can result in complete vision loss. It occurs due to various causes such as heredity, obesity, high blood pressure, hyper myopia, smoking, and cardiovascular disease.

Early symptoms of macular degeneration are blurred vision, and letters at close distances appear to be shaken or bent. If you are in good condition, your eyesight can be restored.

As the symptoms progress further, the letters appear to be clumped together, or some are invisible or distorted. The ability to distinguish between forms of objects decreases, or when reading books or newspapers, there is a gap in the letters. If severe, it can lead to blindness, so seek medical attention immediately when early symptoms occur. If it is found early, it can slow down progress as much as possible 비아그라파는곳

It is a disease that is difficult to cure completely, so constant treatment is needed. It is highly effective when treated when retinal cell damage is low. Therefore, it is important to find them early through regular eye examinations after the age of 50.

To prevent macular degeneration, you should refrain from doing anything that is unhealthy for your eyes. Vitamin C, E, zinc, and copper, which have antioxidant functions, and obesity, high blood pressure, and smoking are risk factors, so you should pay attention to health care. Wear sunglasses when you go out to protect your eyes from ultraviolet rays.

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