Ma Dong-seok Yeol-hwa and his little brother are in a series

Ma Dong-seok

Ma Dong-seok Yeol-hwa and his little brother are in a series of crime cities

Ma Dong-seok

Actor Cha Woo-jin, who opened the opening of the movie “The Outlaws 2,” is known to be the younger brother of Ma Dong-seok’s girlfriend Jeong Seong-hwa.

The second person from the right is YE DONG WOO
Cha Woo-jin’s real name is Ye Dong-woo, who is a broadcaster, trainer, and younger brother of Ye Jeong-hwa, who is a fitness model. Ye Dong-woo appeared on MBC’s “My Little Television” and “I Live Alone” as Ye Jeong-hwa’s handsome younger brother in 2015, when Ye Jeong-hwa was active for a long time.

Ye Dong-woo has been acting under the name Cha Woo-jin since 2019 and is taking steps step by step as a rookie across dramas and movies. Ye Dong-woo, who has built up his skills with “How to,” “Extra Investigation,” “Long Live the King,” “Black War,” and “Start-up,” appeared as “Choi Young-ki” in the movie “Criminal City 2” and played the son of a rich family who was killed by Son Seok-gu.

In the first episode of “The Crime City,” planned and produced by Ma Dong-seok, Ma Dong-seok’s lover, Jeong Seong-hwa, appeared at the end of the movie, giving a smile, and in “The Crime City 2,” Ye Dong-woo, the lover’s younger brother, appeared to mark the beginning of the movie.

Ye Dong-woo is an agency like Ma Dong-seok and participates as an actor in “Crime City 2” and is also listed as a screenwriter in “Crime City 3.”

Some may say it’s taking care of the family, but Ye Dong-woo’s performance in the work was so great that he didn’t hear that. Ma Dong-seok’s “Caring for a Family,” which increases the fun and completeness of the movie by using characters in the right place, is not subject to criticism because Ye Dong-woo did not suddenly appear in his preliminary brother-in-law’s work one day.

Meanwhile, Ma Dong-seok has been in an open relationship with Jeong-hwa, who is 17 years younger than him, since 2016. Their presence at the global conference of the film ‘Eternal’ released late last year has made headlines, and their marriage has yet to be official

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