Jun Jin Ryu Seo’s relaxed date even on weekdays


Jun Jin Ryu Seo’s relaxed date even on weekdays. She looks like a former flight attendant


Ryu Yi-seo, well-known as the wife of the group Shinhwa Jeonjin, shared her honeymoon.

Ryu Yi-seo posted on her Instagram on the 3rd, “Walking with Genie, Grape, and Jackson. There’s no fine dust today and the weather is so nice. Everyone, have a good day today,” he posted a photo with the message.

The released photo showed Ryu Yi-seo taking a walk with her dogs. Ryu Yi-seo, dressed comfortably and wearing a hat, is drawing attention as she boasts slim height like a former flight attendant. Likewise, it also features Jeon Jin wearing a hat and a bright carat. The affectionate gaze of the two, who seem to have taken pictures of each other, also gives warmth.

Meanwhile, Jeon Jin and Ryu Yi-seo married in September 2020. The couple appeared on SBS entertainment show “Same Dream 2 – You Are My Destiny” and were loved by many for revealing their honeymoon

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