Kim Nam-joo will return to the small screen for the first

Kim Nam-joo

Kim Nam-joo will return to the small screen for the first time in five years to appear in Wonderful World

Kim Nam-joo

Actor Kim Nam-joo will return to the drama after five years.

The new drama “Wonderful World (tentative title)” (written by Kim Ji-eun/directed by Lee Seung-young) is an emotional healing thriller that takes place when Eun Soo-hyun (played by Kim Nam-joo), who unfairly lost her young son, directly kills the perpetrator who is out of the law. Director Lee Seung-young, who was well-received for her immersive and sensuous production in the dramas “Tracer 1 and 2” and “Voice 2,” and writer Kim Ji-eun, who boasted speedy writing skills in the dramas “Lies of Lies” and “Cheongdam-dong Scandal,” worked together.

Kim Nam-joo plays Eun Soo-hyun, a psychology professor and famous writer who leads a successful life without blemish. It is a story about Eun Soo-hyun, who has killed the perpetrator himself and lived a desperate life in a hopeless world after losing his young son unfairly, healing each other’s soul and heart wounds in the process of solving mysterious events.

Kim Nam-joo is a box office queen who has shown off irreplaceable aura in a number of works such as the drama “Misty,” “You Who Rolled in a Vine,” “Queen of Reversal,” “Queen of Naejo,” and the movie “That Voice.”

The production team of “Wonderful World (tentative title)” said, “Kim Nam-joo will return to the small screen,” adding, “Kim Nam-joo has led the box office with more acting than expected in every work she appears, so Kim Nam-joo’s joining alone is a great help.” “Please look forward to it.”

The new drama ‘Wonderful World (tentative title)’ will begin production with the aim of airing in the first half of 2024

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