Nam Gyu-ri you are my spring everything was a challenge


Nam Gyu-ri you are my spring everything was a challenge


Actress Nam Gyu-ri delivered her thoughts on the end of the drama “You Are My Spring.”

Nam Gyu-ri played Ahn An-young in tvN’s Monday-Tuesday drama “You Are My Spring,” which ended on the 25th, proving her broad acting spectrum along with her character transformation. Ahn An-young not only added vitality to the play but also played an indispensable character as a mediator for the Doda couple. He also made his narrative stable.

Nam Gyu-ri convincingly delivered changes in various emotional lines such as loveliness, anger, and sobbing that Ahn Ah-young felt to viewers, enhancing her immersion and understanding of the character. In addition, he gave his own opinion to the styling and challenged the style that he had never shown before, showing the continuous development of the actor.

As such, Nam Gyu-ri expanded her spectrum as an actress, completely integrating into Ahn An-young. He also won positive reviews, reevaluating his solid acting skills by challenging new genres and characters. In response, Nam Gyu-ri expressed her affectionate ending of the movie “You are My Spring” through one-on-one answers.

● Nam Gyu-ri’s one-question answer below

1. How do you feel about finishing the drama safely in the midst of difficulties due to Corona?

I finished two works in the corona situation, but I am grateful that I finished it without any problems. I was able to finish it safely thanks to the staff who worked hard in a difficult situation and did their best to prevent it.

2. Is there anything you focused on while preparing for the character “Ahn Ga-young? Or special arrangements

I think I’ve done a lot of genre movies before, but I think it’s the first time I’ve had a warm emotional romance like “You’re My Spring,” so I had fun filming it. He focused on creating a lively character.

Rather than trying to make a character, I tried to find and express the intersection between me and Ahn Ah-young, and when I was melted into the character, I felt “I am enjoying it” and added emotional synergy. Thanks to this, I often waited for Ga-young-il to show her for the next shoot.

He was also a character who thought a lot about his visual and acting tone because there was not much gap between his previous work and his acting. I wondered how I could express my insatiable feelings to viewers, and whether I would make the setting of a top star in many dramas boring.

So in the process of making the character, I discussed hair, makeup, and styling with the staff a lot and simulated it. He also challenged fashion that he had never done before. It’s the same character as funky, formal, casual, hip style, but I tried to share my sophisticated and daily look by trying various styling.

3. Unlike Kang Hyun-chae of MBC’s “Kairos” and Ryu Hee-sun of tvN’s “Drama Stage 2021 – The Fair,” he played a completely different character, “Ahn Ga-young,” what was attractive about “Ahn Ga-young”

Ahn An-young was an honest and outspoken character on the surface, but she was a character who overcame past wounds. So the sadness inside and the dark past narratives came to be attractive. People who have been sick can see the shade hidden by others. I think I was able to wear Ga-young well because I first understood the emotional part that a person who laughs exceptionally well could be a person who overcame more sadness than we thought.

4. After “You’re My Spring” ended, I’m going to leave the character “Ahn Ga-young”. What will the character “Ahn Ga-young” remain?

For me, Ahn An-young was a challenge and an adventure in many ways. It was a new chapter in acting focused on the character and an opportunity to challenge a new genre. Every work is new, but the fact that Ahn An-young herself is a healing character in the drama was healing to me at every moment as well. I just wanted this kind of heart to be conveyed to the viewers as well.’

5. You got attention for your warm-up chemistry with Seo Hyun-jin. How was your chemistry with Seo Hyun-jin?

The chemistry between Seo Hyun-jin and the actor seemed to have been good since the first shooting. Many emotional aspects of acting were like camaraderie between friends of the same age. Without any special rehearsal, the action reaction was already in sync. Maybe that’s why I became more humanly attached. He was a good actor, a good partner, and a good friend.

6. It’s been 15 years since your debut this year. How do you feel about the 15th anniversary? Is there a genre or character you want to act in the future?

This year marks the 15th anniversary of our debut. I wonder when time went by so quickly. I think I can say that it’s been almost five years since I sang, and it’s been 10 years since I started acting. It seems that as time and experience accumulate, people get to know more and see and feel differently. In that sense, I think I can accept the times ahead with an open mind. I have been working on various characters. In the future, I want to show you various works such as melodrama, action, and historical dramas that I have not experienced yet. Also, I want to meet a work that can pour out all my acting passion. Whenever I act, I get the most excited on the spot.

7. What is your goal as an actor? What kind of actor do you want to be remembered by the public? 여성전용마사지

There is no specific objective. I want to be a good actor who acts well. Basically, I think a good person can have good emotions. I want to be an actor who can express that emotion well and convey sincerity through acting. I realized that this world can move things that are more sincere than I thought. I’m so lucky and grateful to be able to act. I want to repay the public with sincere acting. I want to act for a long time. Thank you so much for loving Ahn An-young so far, and if you had a time of healing and healing through “You are my spring,” I would be more grateful.

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