Tang Wei won the Blue Dragon Film Award for Best Actress

Tang Wei

Tang Wei won the Blue Dragon Film Award for Best Actress

Tang Wei

Tang Wei showed Chen’s face as it was. Song Seo-rae, the “decision to break up,” overlapped over Tang Wei, who cried loudly while listening to Jung Hoon-hee’s “Fog,” and smiled broadly with a trophy.

Tang Wei won the Best Actress Award at the 43rd Blue Dragon Film Awards held at KBS Hall in Yeouido on the 25th.

On this day, Tang Wei drew attention by filming a congratulatory performance of girl group Newsz directly with a cell phone camera. Tang Wei, who had been enjoying the awards ceremony with a childlike curiosity throughout the awards ceremony, was seen reciting his lines as “finally” at Kim Hye-soo’s introduction to “decision to break up.”

Above all, Tang Wei’s tears attracted attention. After Park Chan-wook’s director award for “Decided to Break Up,” Jung Hoon-hee and crossover team Rapoem went on stage together to sing “Mist.” Jung Hoon-hee’s “Mist” was inserted into the movie “Decision to Break Up” and director Park Chan-wook showed great affection. When this song came out, Tang Wei covered his face with a handkerchief and shed tears. As a result, Park Hae-il, who was next to him, was seen affectionately covering and comforting Tang Wei.

After the stage, MC Kim Hye-soo said, “When I saw Jung Hoon-hee’s performance, Tang Wei shed tears. I think the scene where I’ve been filming and I cry as soon as the song “Mist” comes out will be the best scene of this year’s Blue Dragon Film Awards. “The moment the music came out, it became Seorae again.” At Kim Hye-soo’s words, TangWei nodded as if he understood what she said.

In addition, when TangWei was called the winner of the Best Actress Award, he stood up with a big smile and hugged Park Hae-il. TangWei, who greeted the actors of “Decided to Break Up,” then took the stage with the script of “Decided to Break Up.” Tang Wei received the Blue Dragon trophy and said, “This is really good,” in lively Korean, drawing laughter.

TangWei came out with the script “Decided to Break Up” and said, “I really thank writer Seo Jeong-kyung for writing this script. A person who has a job as an actor lives a lifetime waiting for one good scenario, a good character. Sometimes they wait months, wait years, and wait decades. I think I’m very lucky to meet someone named Song Seo-rae,” he said. “Thank you so much for being with me. There’s someone I really want to tell you here, mom and dad, turn off your cell phone if you can hear me. I can continue to see many works that I will take if my eyes continue to show. So protect your eyes,” he said. Tang Wei expressed his gratitude to coach Park Chan-wook by shouting, “Thank you, coach, in Korean.

When “Decided to Break Up” won the Best Picture Award in the last order, all the actors of “Decided to Break Up” took the stage. TangWei, along with Park Hae-il and Kim Shin-young next to him, shook hands and was happy to win the award.

On this day, TangWei captivated viewers by performing live performances ranging from tears to laughter and emotion. The interest in “decision to break up” is also increasing due to Tang Wei’s charm.

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