Kingen Hwang Seong-hoon “Competition with Zeus…


Kingen Hwang Seong-hoon “Competition with Zeus, we will solve it in our colors.”


“Kingen” Hwang Sung-hoon, who has firmly maintained DRX’s top line during the LOL World Cup, expressed his determination for the final match against T1.

On the 3rd (local time), the final media day of the 2022 League of Legends World Championship (LOL World Cup) was held at the chorus hall in San Francisco, California. At the event, players and officials from the two teams who reached the finals expressed their determination.

“We always think, ‘Let’s have fun and do our best,’ and I think there will be good results if we play with this mindset,” Hwang Sung-hoon said, adding, “I think the story between Defte Kim Hyuk-kyu and Faker Lee Sang-hyuk will be one of the interesting factors.” 메이저사이트

Regarding the confrontation with “Zeus” Choi Woo-je, he said, “I’m always learning a lot while playing with Zeus,” and stressed, “I want to understand habits and styles well and show them how we solve them in our own colors.”

Meanwhile, Hwang Sung-hoon expressed his thoughts on the expected score of the final, saying, “We’ve always had a hard time in the multi-trial system, so I think we’ll win 3-2 again this time.”

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