KEPCO’s long-awaited rebound…environmental burdens that hold back

Shares of KEPCO closed up 6.25 percent at 23,800 won on Thursday. It continued to soar following the previous day’s 4.19 percent gain. The stock price, which stayed in the early 20,000 won range, also approached 23,850 won, the highest since March. Foreigners bought 59.9 billion won and institutions 69.9 billion won, boosting stock prices.

KEPCO’s stock price rebounded because KEPCO’s board of directors on the 11th predicted that the fuel cost linkage system will be raised. Based on this, it is analyzed that expectations have grown as related details are expected to be included in the announcement of the ‘2021 Economic Policy Direction’ scheduled for the 17th.

In response, KEPCO said the board’s agenda has yet to be finalized. However, the securities industry believes that the delayed fuel cost linkage system may be implemented this time. KEPCO said earlier that it will get approval from the government for the 정품비아그라 proposed overhaul of electricity bills as soon as possible during the second half of this year.

◆Reducing performance right now
The implementation of the fuel-cost interlocking system will worsen the company’s immediate performance, reflecting a drop in oil prices. Oil prices in West Texas (WTI) are trading at $45.52 a barrel as of Tuesday. This is about half of the previous high in 2014. Currently, energy prices account for 30 to 50 percent of KEPCO’s operating costs.

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