African Prix Changes Team Logo… With’Future Blue’


Afreeca Freecs, unveiled a new team logo.

Afreeca TV said Thursday that the professional game team Afreeca Freecs will change the team logo.

The plan is to maintain the blue color of the existing African Freecs logo, but to build a new image with modern design with the meaning of dreaming of a free and pleasant experiment.

The new team logo expresses the freedom and uniqueness of the African Freaks, who dream of a pleasant experiment based on their free and freaky philosophy. The color of the logo is also named “Future Blue,” the color of Frix’s own moving forward, and contains the feeling of challenge, freedom, and freshness toward the future.

Starting in the 2021 season, all African Frix professional game players will play in uniforms with new logos. Afreeca Freecs plans to continue its image as a young and cheerful game troupe that will give fans the pleasure to see in line with the team’s existing concept.

Afreeca Freecs said, “We will not stop our efforts to become the best professional game team in 2021 with the new logo. We will make more efforts to become a team that everyone wants to support through active communication with our fans.”

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