What is the effect of taking a half body bath?


lower body bath

a bath in warm water only for the lower body
Traditionally, it is a bath method that focuses on the health method of keeping the head cold and the feet warm, and can effectively remove the cold energy from the body without causing any major strain on the body. In the case of ordinary people, the upper body temperature tends to be higher than the lower body, and a lower body bath results in convection between the warm blood of the lower body and the cold blood of the upper body, which balances the body temperature.

Therefore, blood circulation is good and blood pressure drops as the contracted blood vessels open up. Also, the body’s condition improves because waste and toxins in the body are released with sweat. It is especially good for those with stiff muscles, those with stiff shoulders, arthritis, obesity, back pain, menstrual pain, cold, diabetes, and stress, and is also effective in recovering from fatigue. But it may not be good for people who are naturally warm.

It is done 30 minutes before meals, after meals or after exercise, and the temperature of the water is good to feel a little warm. Sprinkle hot water on feet and legs and enter the bathtub, soaking only the lower part of the chest or the lower part of the navel in water. It is important not to put your arms in the water or move your body. It takes about 20 minutes to soak in the water. If you are weak, 먹튀사이트 soak your body in water for five minutes and repeat the process of resting two to three minutes four to five times.

After taking a lower body bath, take a shower with warm water, replenish the moisture with lukewarm water, and wash the water well. Next, it is important to keep your socks on and your lower body on thick clothes. After a lower body bath, it is recommended to lie down for about 30 minutes. If you strain your body, it can harm your health.

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