Putin, show us your sniper rifle.Directed by “Strong Man”


Putin, show us your sniper rifle.Directed by “Strong Man” in the match against Ukraine


Russian President Vladimir Putin, who is said to have been on the defensive in the Ukrainian war, has emphasized his image as a “strong man.”

Western media interpreted that the intention is to show off his robustness to boost the morale of the Russian military and refute the constantly raised rumors of health abnormalities.

According to Reuters and Daily Mail, TV operated by Russia’s Ministry of Defense reported on the 20th (local time) that Putin visited a conscript training center in Ryazan, about 200 kilometers southeast of the capital Moscow.

Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu, who is classified as Putin’s closest aide, was also with him.

Russian state TV showed President Putin wearing black upper and lower earplugs and safety glasses lying under a camouflage net and firing several shots at the latest Russian-made Dragunov SVD sniper.

Putin watched the conscripts conduct a mock drill at the training camp passing through the obstacle course and fighting against armored vehicles.

He also observed them receiving training to cope with emergency medical situations and fires.

He was also seen talking to the mobilized reserve forces, such as “How long have you been at the training center?” and “Do you think your old skills are coming back?”

President Putin has previously released his “macho” image to the public by taking off his top and climbing into the saddle or entering the ice water bare in sub-zero weather whenever he faces a leadership crisis.

Western media noted that the inspection of the unit came amid the Russian military’s struggles since July.

Russia stepped down from the northeastern Harkey space front in September and is currently on a shaky front in the southern Herson front.

The British Ministry of Defense also analyzed the previous day that Russian troops appear to be considering a massive retreat beyond the Dnipro River.

On top of that, the partial mobilization order issued in September to make up for the shortage of troops has drawn strong opposition from the Russian people, and public opinion in the country has also deteriorated.

In particular, criticism is mounting that the mobilized reserve forces are being deployed directly to the battlefield with poor equipment with little training and become “bullet-receiving.”

The British Daily Mail also interpreted the continuing rumors of health problems surrounding President Putin as a motive for the performance.

Suspicions continue to be raised that the 70-year-old is suffering from various diseases such as cancer, Parkinson’s disease and schizophrenia, which also contributed to reducing his approval rating. 안전놀이터

The Daily Mail noted that when President Putin actually visited the training center, he was followed by an attendant with a bag that appeared to contain medical supplies. Another attendant also explained that he followed Putin with a case believed to have a device capable of remotely approving a nuclear attack.

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