The Supreme Court failed to overturn Kim Kyung-soo


The Supreme Court failed to overturn Kim Kyung-soo’s conviction as decisive evidence.


The reason why Gyeongnam Governor Kim Kyung-soo failed to overturn the appeals court’s ruling on the 21st despite setting up a large defense team is that the special prosecutor Huh Ik-bum’s team has found solid traces of “comment manipulation.” In the legal circle, there were many opinions that the current Supreme Court, led by Supreme Court Chief Justice Kim Myung-soo, leaned toward the progressive camp in ideology, so there were observations that the ruling could be overturned, but there was no unexpected change. A legal official said, “Since the special prosecution team found and presented concrete evidence that Governor Kim directly intervened in the manipulation of comments, the Supreme Court would have had nothing to do to change the original judgment 광주호빠
There were two charges applied to Governor Kim, but the final conviction of the Supreme Court was “obstruction of business.” Ahead of the 2017 presidential election, he ordered a group of Druking Kim Dong-won to manipulate the ranking of comments on 80,000 Internet articles in favor of the current ruling camp using “King Crab,” a comment manipulation program. On whether Governor Kim, who was a key issue, visited the office in Paju on November 9, 2016 to see a demonstration of “King Crab,” Governor Kim said, “I went to the office, but I didn’t see a demonstration of King Crab.” The independent counsel team found that Mr. Um, who developed King Crab, beat “sympathy” in the article comments with several IDs around 8 p.m. on November 9, 2016, when Governor Kim visited the office, and the court ruled in favor of the independent counsel team. Key evidence that Governor Kim conspired to manipulate public opinion was the “secret chat room” of social media. The results of the independent counsel’s investigation revealed that Drooking sent a message to Governor Kim in the form of an information report saying, “King Crab is 98 percent complete,” and Governor Kim replied, “Thank you.” It was also revealed that Governor Kim sent the address of the article (URL) via messenger to Druking, said, “Please promote it,” and sent a message asking, “Is this the original reaction of Naver comments?”

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