Ambush wisdom tooth pain after extraction Dry socket symptoms


Ambush wisdom tooth pain after extraction Dry socket symptoms (Pitteok blood disease elimination)


Q: Hello. I’m a single woman in my early 20s. Two weeks have passed since the extraction of the ambush wisdom tooth. However, it is uncomfortable to swallow saliva because the gums around it keep hurting and the throat is swollen. I wonder why and if there is a problem, I need to get treatment.

A: It seems that the dry socket symptoms appeared after the extraction of the ambush tooth. When the tooth is pulled out, a blood clot forms in that spot. In the process, fibrous organization occurs and becomes more and more rigid and mature bone tissue. Pain and swelling, which usually appear after extraction, are relieved after about two or three days 비아그라 판매

In the process of regenerating the tissue after pulling out the wisdom tooth in case, if the blood rice cake is not formed within three to four days, it will cause inflammation or pain and will not heal properly. This is called a dry socket. I’ll tell you that I want you to visit the dentist and get treatment as soon as possible. I hope you get a good result. Thank you.

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