Song Hye Kyo is wearing a white shirt and jeans


Song Hye Kyo is wearing a white shirt and jeans, but she looks more innocent


Actress Song Hye-kyo showed off her refreshing beauty.

Song Hye-kyo posted a picture on her Instagram story on the 11th with a message, “Cute autumn I met on the spot!”

In the photo released, Song Hye-kyo is wearing a white shirt and jeans. It is 180 degrees different from the way it has been dressed up, but it is a “visual completion” as if it has become prettier.

Fans who saw the photo responded, “It’s much more innocent than wearing a suit,” and “It looks younger during the break, and it’s a peak beauty.”

Meanwhile, Song will star as the main character in the Netflix original series “The Glory,” a new work by Kim Eun-sook.

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