I’ve never seen Kim Sunah act cute in front of a guy


I’ve never seen Kim Sunah act cute in front of a guy


Kim Sun-ah released a photo showing off her gorgeous beauty.

Actress Kim Sun-ah posted on her Instagram on the 16th, “On the occasion of Teacher’s Day, with a lot of gratitude~~~^^ Ahn Hyuk-mo, whom I respect! Teacher Ahn ^^ Thank you always. This year marks the 20th anniversary,” he wrote.

“In 2002…” Since then… It’s been 20 years since I’ve been taught by you. For 20 years, sometimes until dawn… Some days, I’ve been teaching a lot from my teacher for hours and 20 years, and I’ve been doing all the works together.”

“The teacher who always gives me a lot of courage and hope because I’m shy and can’t say much…” Thanks to this, I was able to have a lot of courage, and I was able to win a grand prize. (Awards aren’t everything, but…) I’m still nervous whenever I deal with a work. I gain a lot of courage by working through it with you. I will do my best to be a disciple who is not ashamed of myself, I will do my best not to lose my initial resolution^^,” he posted a photo with the article.

In the released photo, Kim Sun-ah draws attention as she leaves a friendly proof shot with theater actress Ahn Hyuk-mo.

Meanwhile, “DMFire: Empire of Law,” starring Kim Sun-ah, is a work that deals with the scandal of Korea’s top legal aristocrats who dream of hereditary succession. Producer Yoo Hyun-ki of “My Daughter Seo Young,” “Brain,” “The Best Divorce” and “Soul Repairer.”

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