Jang Young-ran said, “My 5-year-old daughter, I sent her to an English..

Jang Young-ran

Jang Young-ran said, “My 5-year-old daughter, I sent her to an English kindergarten, and she tore her hair out and it became sporadic…”I’m shocked”.

Broadcaster Jang Young-ran regretted her child’s prior learning.

Jang Young-ran

On the 31st, KBS2’s entertainment program “Superman is Back” released a teaser video titled “Jason’s Dad and Ddongbyeol.”

Jang Young-ran visited Jason’s house and took care of Jason’s son Jun-beom. He exclaimed, “Cute,” and honey dripped from his eyes.

When Jang Youngran asked Jason, “What do you think the child is in?” Jason said, “I think he’s trying to find his father.” He then said, “Junbeom, come to my dad,” but Junbeom burst into tears and embarrassed Jason. Even though Jason pretended to go out, Junbeom did not cry, and after being hugged by Jason, he tried to be hugged by Jang Young-ran. Jason said to Jang Young-ran, “I’m not trying to hug you. “I’m just reaching out,” he said, drawing laughter as he was wary of Jang Young-ran.

Jason’s house was full of books. In response, Jang Youngran said, “(Hong) Hyun-hee is crazy about studying. “Aren’t you going to send me to S University?” he said with a smile. He then confessed his daughter’s experience of sending her to an English kindergarten when she was five years old and said, “One day, my child had a messy hair and asked why, and she said, ‘I don’t understand my mom.’ I studied by pulling my hair out. I was shocked then. He said, “I wanted to do this to a five-year-old child for what I was going to do.”

Meanwhile, Jason married Hong Hyun-hee in 2018 and held his son Jun-beom in his arms in August last year. Jang Yeong-ran married Han Chang, an oriental doctor, in 2009 and had one son and one daughter.

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