Actor Kang Hoon Announces Sign Language with Talent Donation..

Actor Kang Hoon

Actor Kang Hoon Announces Sign Language with Talent Donation “It’s meaningful to participate in the campaign”.

Actor Kang Hoon announces sign language with talent donation.

Actor Kang Hoon

On Jan. 31, the Milal Welfare Foundation (Chairman Hong Jeong-gil) announced that Kang Hoon will play a role as a talk-talk man in the social media campaign Sword Talk Talk.

Actor Kang Hoon showed his self-introduction and greeting expression in sign language in a video released on the official Instagram of the Milal Welfare Foundation on the 30th. In the future, Kang Hoon will introduce various sign language expressions once a month through sign language talk talk.

Sword Talk Talk is an SNS campaign by the Milal Welfare Foundation that introduces Sword, the language of farmers. The Milal Welfare Foundation promotes sign language expressions commonly used in everyday life, such as names and weather, through a short video of about a minute so that many people can learn sign language easily and conveniently.

Kang Hoon, who visited the Helen Keller Center of the Milal Welfare Foundation in mid-January, learned sign language from a sign language interpreter and started filming the sign language talk campaign. In addition to hand gestures, Kang Hoon is known to have expressed sign language with delicate facial expressions and gestures to suit the characteristics of sign language that emphasizes facial expressions.

Actor Kang Hoon said, “It is meaningful to participate in a campaign to promote sign language. He said, “I hope that it will be a time for non-disabled people to approach sign language friendly and comfortable through sign language talk.”

Jung Hyung-seok, executive representative of the Milal Welfare Foundation, said, “I would like to thank actor Kang Hoon for participating in the Sueo Talk Talk campaign to improve awareness of disabilities. The Milal Welfare Foundation will make efforts to integrate the disabled and non-disabled with various contents.”

Meanwhile, Kang Hoon will appear in the SBS drama “Flower Sun-bi Love Story,” which is scheduled to air in March.

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