Rapper A’s hidden camera prank What’s different


Rapper A’s hidden camera prank What’s different from Gong Yoo’s? Mills’ wife’s shocking revelation


The wife of rapper Dunmills has revealed the private life of a particular rapper who took a hidden camera and shared it, sparking controversy.

Dunmills’ wife said on her Instagram on the 10th, “You only talk about meeting women through DM (direct message) You don’t talk about the things you shared with people after taking a hidden camera?” “If you reflected on your conscience, you wouldn’t have said that on the show, but I guess there was no such thing at all.” I wish I could stop. I want to report to the police station more and more,” he criticized rapper A.

He went on to say, “I have all the photos of my close brother and the contents of the Kakao Talk I sent. He said he held it in because he was afraid that other people would avoid it if he reported it, but saying that on a broadcast that everyone sees means that he has no guilt about it,” he said. “What’s the difference from Jung Joon-young? He was so tired that I even tried extreme things,” he continued to criticize.

Also, “Don’t say anything you can’t say to the victim.” Think of your mother, sister, brother and daughter as being victimized. Those bystanders in the chat room, wake up. I’m sure everyone knows that you don’t mention them a lot.” “Does this make sense?” Is your life the only thing that matters?”

In particular, Dunmills’ wife said, “I’m even angrier because you seem to be doing your job properly at this moment. Do you have no shame, no fear, no apology?” he once again criticized.

“It’s not that there’s nothing,” Dunmills’ wife said in an additional post on Wednesday. I have all the photos and Kakao Talk, he said. “The victim doesn’t want to report it (he is afraid that his identity will be revealed because he/she is afraid that more photos will be shared.” And he said he was more scared because people around him kept calling him to endure it) He wanted to expose it on the Internet because he wanted the perpetrator to live with a sorry heart. I wanted to keep it in my heart for the rest of my life,” he said, explaining the reason for the disclosure.

He added, “I received an apology from rapper A, the perpetrator, and he is thinking about what to do.”

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