Sung Si-kyung pointed out, “I study history more than you who swear.”

Sung Si-kyung

Sung Si-kyung pointed out, “I study history more than you who swear.”

Sung Si-kyung criticized those who criticized his activities in Japan.

Sung Si-kyung

Sung Si-kyung posted a video on her personal channel under the title “Long time no see.” “Happy New Year,” he said to his fans.

On this day, Sung Si-kyung first expressed her grievances about running “I’m going to eat,” saying, “I want to enjoy it so much, but it’s hard to find people because there’s a lot of work to do, and since people line up, I can prepare at least one restaurant a week.”

Sung Si-kyung, who is busy preparing for the concert, said, “I try not to do the new program.” I have a few right now.
“When I started YouTube, I couldn’t let go of it. I want to release a Japanese album this year, and I think I should do something musical,” he said.

However, there were some negative views on his activities in Japan. In response, Sung Si-kyung said, “I think I studied history much more than you who cursed at me when I asked, ‘Why do you like Japan so much?’,” adding, “I’m a Korean, and I’m a person with a right mind.”

Sung Sikyung said, “The Japanese market is very attractive as a singer. Referring to an anecdote that he recently hosted the “Golden Disc Awards” in Thailand, saying, “It is three times the market of Korea,” Sung Si-kyung said, “I was so envious of my juniors, Hallyu, and K-pop.” “I wondered if I was really a senior to these friends,” he said adding, “I thought I was a senior to K-pop, which is popular.”

Sung Sikyung said, “I don’t want to hear that because I’m bowing in a cool way. “I want to succeed and show you,” he said. “I want to hear from the people who criticize me (about my activities in Japan) and the fans who cheer me on, ‘I’m not an idol because I work hard on singing and languages,’ so I’m trying.” “I will never say anything useless or do anything,” he said.

He added that the priorities were “performance, singing, and (TV) activities.”

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