Industrial accident Electrical burns Ironing on the forearm


Industrial accident Electrical burns (back of hand skin grafting pigmentation) Ironing on the forearm


He was burned by an industrial accident because of a splatter of electric spikes, and he had a skin graft on the back of his hand, and a lot of problems were exposed It gets thicker, so there’s pigmentation Next time, it’s going to be a shape scar that’s swollen all over 비아그라 저렴한곳

And then he burned his forearm, and he burned his hair with a curling iron 20 years ago I had surgery at a burn clinic, and my perception is very poor

It was bumpy, neurological It’s itchy and painful There’s a sense in the area you recognize

I had allergies and dryness I’m still treating it Brown is normal, and it’s going to be more similar I can tell you that he’s treating you right now

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