Congratulations on the two-shot of Song Jinwoo and Lee Jinwook


Congratulations on the two-shot of Song Jinwoo and Lee Jinwook at the wedding You little imp!


Actors Song Jin-woo and Lee Jin-wook boasted a warm two-shot.

Song Jin-woo posted a message on his personal Instagram on June 16, saying, “Hey, congratulations. Don’t forget to go on a couple trip and hurry up. Why don’t you buy two tickets for your honeymoon tomorrow, Hee Sun and I? #MarriageWhite Paper,” she posted a photo.

In the photo, Song Jin-woo is posing next to Lee Jin-wook, who is dressed up for a wedding ceremony. The two actors’ similar smiles that raise one more corner of their mouths create warmth.

Park Seul-gi, a broadcaster who saw the post, responded, “It looks real.” Netizens also expressed their surprise through comments such as “Surprised,” “I thought it was real for a moment,” and “What is this? Is this a drama?”

Internet users who know that it’s written in a drama character said, “Marriage White Paper was so much fun.” “I’m sorry it’s over,” and “I’m sorry I can’t see Minwoo anymore,” he said in a comment.

Meanwhile, Song Jin-woo and Lee Jin-wook appeared together in the Kakao TV drama “Marriage White Paper,” which depicts the preparation process of a couple in their 30s who ended on June 15

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