How to use a pregnancy test machine to reduce


How to use a pregnancy test machine to reduce the amount of menstruation


Q: I’m an office worker in my mid-20s. These days, I’m thinking about reducing the amount of physiology of post-pregnant drugs.

Last month, I drank with my married boss and went to the inn while drunk. Of course, we had a relationship. The chemistry was so good. When I woke up at dawn and had a second relationship, I had a no-con qualification. I took a post-pneumatic drug that morning.

Usually, the menstrual period was as long as 5-6 days, and the amount was large. After taking the medicine, the amount of menstruation decreased significantly.

I took the medicine exactly a month ago. Today is the third day of menstruation, and there is no more blood. Is there a problem? If it’s not menstruation, but an illegal bleeding, should I take a pregnancy test?

A: Taking post contraceptives does not change your physiological pattern. There is a possibility of illegal bleeding, so it is a good idea to purchase a pregnancy test machine at a nearby pharmacy or convenience store and test it.

The method of using the pregnancy test machine is simple. Two weeks after the last date of the relationship, you can check the results by taking the first urine in the morning with high hormone content.

If you want to check your pregnancy accurately and quickly, visit a nearby obstetrics and gynecology clinic for a checkup. The specialist will give you an accurate diagnosis.

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