It’s not 47kg. It’s where the actress, who’s now proudly


It’s not 47kg. It’s where the actress, who’s now proudly revealing her weight, heads.


Lee Chung-ah made her face known to the public through the 2004 movie The Temptation of Wolves. She also won the Rookie of the Year Award for her work. Since then, he has continued to shoot movies and dramas, and he has been recognized for his acting skills, especially in the romantic comedy genre. Lee Chung-ah plays various roles every time, revealing her character as an actor.

Recently, Lee Chung-ah revealed her weight by telling her how she has been on a diet through SNS. When the article revealed her weight as 47kg, Lee Chung-ah said, “I am 166cm, rounded to the decimal point, and 51kg now. The weight seems to have disappeared a long time ago, but it seems to be the data from the beginning of our debut. I’ve never had 47kg since I was 20 years old.”

I have a slim body, but I’m constantly taking care of myself and showing healthy beauty. Today, I’m going to find out the travel destination on Lee Chung-ah’s Instagram. She even uploaded several photos during her trip to Italy. Let’s find out where she’ll be visiting Italy.

Lee Chung-ah also uploaded photos of her visit to Milan Cathedral. It is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Milan and is an essential course for travelers. Milan Cathedral is the third largest Catholic cathedral in the world, after St. Peter’s Cathedral in the Vatican and Seville Cathedral in Spain. Although it is beautiful during the day, the splendid night view of Milan Cathedral is also so beautiful that I recommend you visit both day and night.

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