Hong Seong-heun wife of a beggar criticized for drinking at a hotel

Hong Seong-heun

Hong Seong-heun, wife of a beggar criticized for drinking at a hotel.

Hong Seong-heun

Kim Jung-im, the wife and model of former professional baseball player Hong Sung-heun, is drawing attention by voicing criticism over the recent hotel drinking party of professional baseball players 정품비아그라

Kim shared an article on his Instagram on the 23rd that Hong Sung-heun gave a lecture on Doosan Bears’ new players in 2019, saying, “It’s too scary to talk about.” “I think it was two or three years ago for my husband, but I remember that day exactly. I was a little concerned about the topic…” he said.

In an article shared by Kim, “Don’t meet older brothers who buy you drinks easily. It’s all because of alcohol. “It is all due to alcohol, including women’s problems, match fixing, and gambling intervention,” it said.

“I was glad to be the first to set an example for my son,” Kim said, “Hwachul, you have to keep that in mind and keep it in mind that you will live like a beggar after eating free, hehe, and being swept around pretending to be a good person. “I’ve seen people who live similar lives,” he advised.

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